I hate zbrush

i hate zbrush

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This is a very useful in some areas, such as slightly lower Voxel Size value keep sculpting new volume. This is possible because ZBrush uses a special approach -- generates a slightly neater quadrangular znrush, and Preserve Volume avoids details being smoothed out, although this can cause polygon artifacts.

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I Think Maxon Hates Us - Zbrush 2023
Zbrush is really getting on my nerves. I have been working with it for around 8 hours now and it is slamming me in the face every couple of minutes. There are a lot of quirks to figure out but definitely think its worth it for the best(organic) modeling software available. Give it 3 months. Hi guys and gals, Some one recently suggested I look into using zbrush for an online game called SecondLife, where people can create their own texture to.
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  • i hate zbrush
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  • i hate zbrush
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